Masses will still vote ANC

It is the political silly season again, when analysts, commentators, researchers and other know-it-all types tell us that the ANC is heading for a humiliating defeat at the coming polls.

This seems to have become a pattern in the last three elections.

If these prophets spoke the truth the ANC would have been long dead, but we all can see that it is not even wounded. In fact, judging by its ever increasing support, the organisation has been resurrected three times.

It is curious that the people who foretell how the ANC is going to perform in the elections are not legendary freedom fighters who have been mistreated for demanding the vote for the African majority.

Perhaps we need to remind ourselves that for many voters, supporters and followers of the ANC, the organisation is more than carrying an official membership card.

In fact, for many people the ANC will remain the party to vote for as long as their skins are black.

While some disgruntled people launch new parties, others bang their heads against the wall and analysts get more political science degrees from Wits, Harvard or Yale, it would seem that the majority of voters just love the ANC.

As long as Nelson Mandela is alive, not only does the ANC live, but the struggle for transformation will also survive.

The ordinary folks of this country know the debt that they owe to the ANC, which they see as the custodian of their hopes and aspirations. They may not be educated, but they understand the reasons why leaders like Terror Lekota and Sam Shilowa, for instance, have left the party.

It is now no secret that they have no justification for disaffection, except that they refuse to accept the democratic outcome at Polokwane, which brought in a regime change.

Those who talk about the death of the ANC are just out of touch with the society they live in.

The ANC is gunning for a two-thirds majority this time and it may just confound the analysts and get it!

Sandile Memela, GoodwoodCape Town