I read intimate text messages on his cell

I have been engaged for six months.

I have been engaged for six months.

My parents were involved in a serious car accident in which my father died. My mother is still in hospital.

During this time, I picked up my fiance's cellphone to answer a call and then read messages from another woman on his phone.

They were intimate messages. I could not deal with it at the time so I didn't say anything.

I have now confronted him and he says that there is nothing going on and he doesn't even know who the woman is.

I love him so much and I believe him. However, for us to stay together I don't want him to ever contact her again.

I don't know how to say this to him. I am feeling so depressed and I really don't feel as if I can cope with everything that is happening to me.

So Sad, Pretoria

I am sure this has been a very difficult and painful time for you. I hope your mother is making progress and getting stronger every day.

It is not the time to be making any long-term plans while there is still so much stress and confusion.

You are still grieving over the loss of your father and now have to deal with the needs of your mother.

It is highly unlikely that a person will get intimate text messages from someone they don't know.

Why were you checking his messages? Were you suspicious of him already? Why didn't he delete the messages if he did not know who they were from?

I don't think the time is right for you to make any decisions. Wait until you have come to terms with your father's death and your mother is out of hospital.

Perhaps then you can ask him to tell you the truth about the messages.

You need to be able to trust your partner completely and he should be devoted to you if you are going to get married.

Good luck.