A peaceful soul with passion

Mamodima Monnakgotla

Mamodima Monnakgotla

At first he was just a cute, chubby kid, a bullies' victim who grew up into a very handsome man. A humble soul who lived his life peacefully and never got in anyone's way.

Growing up, we were almost like strangers to each other. Maisha Lehlohonolo Mahlangu was too groomed, not my kind of feather - until we met again in high school and became close friends. Even at a young age he was a true philosopher and always made you think twice about your life. He read the most complex books, which made him the hero he was.

His passion was money, he had easy but big dreams and I looked forward to seeing him live out those dreams. Like any of us, he deserved to.

Mahlangu was a godsend, especially when he bought me lunch or lent me transport money to school when I was having tough days. He had no fears, he had bigger things to worry about.

He was a good challenger and always made you believe you were a winner. While you were celebrating your victory, he would make his ultimate move and leave you stunned as he jumped 10 steps ahead of you, teaching you a great lesson each time.

He was a true master of strategy. As we sit and remember him, speak wonderfully about him, his best friend going on about the great and old times - I see Maisha right through him. Although he will no longer speak, laugh and walk with us, his spirit lives on and remains in our hearts.

The funeral service will take place at 2121 Lekgua Street, Rockville, at 10am tomorrow. The cortege will then proceed to Lenasia Cemetery.