Donors want to see Gono kicked out

Michael Georgy

Michael Georgy

Western aid donors who see the removal of Zimbabwe's central bank governor as a key condition for resuming aid can expect a messy power struggle that could further delay moves to rescue the ruined country.

The new unity administration will depend heavily on foreign cash to rebuild an economy that critics says President Robert Mugabe and his central bank governor, Gideon Gono, pictured, have brought to its knees.

Gono is unlikely to go without a fight, however, especially as Mugabe tries to gain an upper hand in the new government.

Western countries are looking for signs that Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has managed to put control of the economy under new Finance Minister Tendai Biti, also from the opposition, before letting funds flow.

Zimbabwe has an inflation rate of 231million percent according to the last published figures but believed to be far higher. - Reuters