Arch is outliving his usefulness

We have an archbishop in this country who seems to be outliving his usefulness.

At the Helen Suzman memorial held in Johannesburg, there was our beloved Arch once again shooting from a "hidden" hip as he rattled on that the Nats were returned election after election with an increasing majority. "Waar is hulle nou?", implying the ANC will soon also lose power.

Let me, in an unholy tone, assist the Arch's seemingly fading memory. Arch, with all due respect, the Nats are nowhere today because their continued return to power with a greater majority was non-democratic.

The ANC, on the other hand, is continuously voted the majority party democratically by the majority of voters in this country.

So please, do not remind us of the most irresponsible statement ever made by a public figure in a decade, when you said on national media that you would not vote in this year's elections, and how lightly the media reacted to your statement.

But if your name had been Desmond Malema, oh boy!

So Arch, maybe you need to accept that you are not wiser and holier than the majority of voters in South Africa. Let them decide and maybe, consider total retirement to save whatever is left of your legacy.

Carrel Edward, Midrand