ANC double standards under attack

I thought it fitting to quote BJM Hertzog, a hardline National Party leader who once remarked: "Imperialism suits me when it is of good to South Africa, but where it clashes with its interests, I am its inveterate opponent".

I am quoting this controversial statement to illustrate the double standards that the ruling party employs of late. I would be insulting your intelligence if I assume that you are not aware that most of the pioneer leaders of the ANC were clergymen of impeccable stature, from Walter Rubusana, Albert Luthuli and Canon Calata.

This culture of retaining men of the cloth within the ranks of the "broad church" (ANC) continued well into the 1980s with the emergence of the United Democratic Front. We saw Allan Boesak, Frank Chikane, Makhenkesi Stofile, Chris Nissen, Smangaliso Mkhatshwa and others lead the UDF.

Yes. I am referring to the vitriol directed at Cope for selecting Mvume Dandala as its presidential candidate. When it suited the ANC, it was "progressive" for them to have men of the cloth in their midst. Now they find it "ungodly" for Cope to choose Dandala.

Let the ANC loyalists know that the new South Africa will reach a critical time where it will need heroes and leaders of a different kind, those willing to rise above narrow and dogmatic party ideologies and champion the true cause of the poor beyond rhetoric.

Melisizwe Bleki, Tshwane