Vote, Mbete tells inmates

fKingdom Mabuza

fKingdom Mabuza

South Africa's deputy president and national convenor of the Progressive Women's Movement of SA (PWMSA) Baleka Mbete went to the Johannesburg Prison to urge female inmates to vote in the coming elections.

"We appeal to women not to lose interest in politics. Politics is too important to be left to politicians," she said yesterday.

"Nobody must dictate how you should exercise your right to vote. The only important thing is to express that right," said Mbete.

She said women's voices should be heard as their role in society was huge.

"Women tend to say they are not interested in politics. It is about your life, your family and you must have an interest."

Phindile Phithane, 32, who is serving 52 years for armed robbery and theft, pleaded with Mbete for reduction of sentences.

"We sincerely apologise to society and government for the violent crimes we were involved in. We ask government to consider reducing our sentences."

Mbete promised to raise her plea with relevant authorities.