Handouts not a solution

Under normal circumstances one would not respond to the ruling party's propaganda, but an exception has to be made.

Pule Malefane's veiled attacks on Cope cannot go unchallenged (Sowetan February 23). He said the ANC would defend the people against dubious characters masquerading as the protectors of democracy.

Malefane is a victim of conformist intellectualism, which is informed and guided by patronage. He and others of his ilk know that Jacob Zuma holds their gravy train tickets, which will enable them to accumulate wealth and have unnecessary VIP protection while the masses bear the brunt.

Basically, they will be elevated to the ranks of the black bourgeoisie. Their strategies to fight poverty will amount to nothing because the most potent weapon that is able to halve poverty is education. Education can break the vicious cycle of poverty, not handouts. It comes as no shock that institutions built on Bantu education have not undergone any transformation in 15 years. Students grapple with a plethora of problems that are 100percent man made.

The biggest irony is that children of the black bourgeoisie are not in these institutions. Young intellectuals must not allow themselves to be duped and cajoled by fat cats who are power-hungry. Our time is now. Be part of the change. We are young, but definitely not restless.

Muntu Morole, Turfloop campus