13 men rape teenager

Alex Matlala

A 19-year-old woman was admitted to hospital with serious injuries after she was allegedly raped by 13 men on Friday.

Police said the woman was bleeding heavily and could not walk properly. She was admitted to the Mokopane Hospital.

According to police, the woman was with her boyfriend in Hospital View, in Mahwelereng township, at about 8pm on Friday when they were attacked.

Captain Sebotsaro Motadi said the suspects produced a firearm and dragged the couple to a secluded place where they took turns in raping the woman in full view of her boyfriend.

"After raping her, they ordered the boyfriend to have sex with the girl without a condom," Motadi said.

The suspects then robbed local residents, including a police reservist.

Meanwhile, the case of a Limpopo man who allegedly raped and impregnated his 13-year-old daughter her was postponed in the Zebediela magistrate's court on Friday to March 13.

In a separate incident, a 46-year-old Zebediela man was arrested yesterday for allegedly raping his 14-year-old daughter.