SABC treats Azapo unfairly

The Azanian Students Convention has long held the view that the SABC is biased.

The public broadcaster justifies its actions as it resorts to arguments such as: "Azapo does not have a significant representation in Parliament," forgetting that they are the ones who are contributing directly to such a state of affairs.

Azapo is never given coverage and this results in lack of knowledge regarding the organisation's policies, history and traditions.

How does Tim Modise, who is on the ANC's pay roll, expect people of this country to make informed decisions about who should lead them if they are not given information about the policies of all the different formations.

Whenever the SABC does cover our organisation, they deliberately cause confusion about who Azapo's leaders were and people end up believing that Steve Biko, Onkgopotse Tiro, Muntu Myeza, Mthuli Shezi and many more black consciousness leaders belonged to the ANC.

The SABC does not respect the organisation of Steve Biko and we demand respect because Azapo continued the fight for freedom while the ruling party and the PAC were banned and could not operate in the country.

Bongani Mahlangu