'Mathe used lotion as lubricant'

Luzuko Pongoma

Luzuko Pongoma

Ananias Mathe allegedly applied a sunburn lotion as a vagina lubricant before he raped his victim on Reconciliation Day in 2004.

Matilda (not real name) said on the night, she heard a movement on the a floor above a room that she used as an office in her home in Garsfontein, Pretoria.

"I saw a light moving inside the house downstairs and upstairs," she said.

Matilda said she sat up and switched the bedside light on moments before the bedroom door was opened..

"He came into the bedroom and told me to switch the light off. Because I was holding my cellphone, he asked if I had called anyone, and I said no."

Matilda said the man told her to get dressed before he tied her hands with a cellphone charger and moved her to the lounge.

"He asked me were the safe was and I told him. He then tied my legs with a hairdrier cord and used a wire from the speakers to tie me to the couch.

She said after the man had removed the contents of her safe and taken her handbag, he used a knife to cut her jeans open from top to bottom .

"He told me to open my legs and I said I could not (because my legs were tied). He then cut loose the cord from my legs with the steak knife.

"He took the bottle used to treat sunburn, smelled it, put the lotion in his hand and used it as a lubricant before raping me," she said.

Matilda said Mathe then took jewellery, a digital camera, a laptop and her car before vanishing into the night.