Help for young women

Maryanne Maina

Maryanne Maina

The Gauteng Youth Commission plans to launch a young women's network focusing on issues affecting women.

The objective of the network is to enable young women in Gauteng to engage within their communities while creating a platform for them to share their interests.

Aspiring female entrepreneurs, capacity building and leadership will also be engaged.

Masabata Mutlaneng, chief executive of the Gauteng Youth Commission, said: "We will create strategic partnerships that will lead to the official launch of the young women's network at the end of the year.

"Women face challenges in leadership, economic transformations, gender transformation, health and education. Therefore, we need a structure that can assist women in a civil and advocacy platform."

Limited access to information and finance has hindered women's development. Mutlaneng said young women should form cooperatives that would assist them to source finance from banks.