Masses will vote for ruling party

The creation of Shikota has raised the hopes of opposition parties who want to defeat the ANC. Even Mickey Mouse parties such as the UDM, ACDP and others fancy themselves ruling this country after the elections.

Surprisingly, when the ANC says they will win the coming elections and the ones thereafter, we are accused of arrogance. Is there any party in the whole world that talks about losing elections?

We keep being fed hogwash about Julius Malema being a rude loudmouth. But listen to the rantings of Bantu Holomisa, Terror Lekota, Helen Zille, Mangosuthu Buthelezi, Phillip Dexter and so on and tell me if they have any respect?

Thank goodness ANC president Jacob Zuma has such calmness and respect, even under extreme provocation.

This is just one of the reasons why so many love Zuma so much and will vote for him to lead this country whether Zille and her cronies and backers approve or not.

The ANC plays in this arena for only one reason and that is to bring a better life for all who have been oppressed over the decades.

The majority knows this. There is no hope for us without the ANC. In fact, this country would go back to the hands of the oppressors.

Zuzu McBerth Mdluli,