Malema adding spice to our boring political circus

You've just got to love Julius Malema.

I mean what would this country's politics be without the young ANC Youth League's firebrand?

We would be as bored as the Americans were during their presidential campaign, which saw Barack Obama come into power. Everything was so politically correct it wasn't funny.

We are also heading for our own general elections in two month's time.

While the previous editions were all about how much of a majority the ANC needed for total control, this one is about which opposition parties are a serious threat to the organisation.

And the person who is really doing a good job of placing the opposition in the spotlight is none other than Malema.

It would be a waste of precious space to detail all that Malema has said and done.

That is well documented.

Let me hasten to say upfront that I am not a politician, and never will be.

My hero and role model as far as politics is concerned is Guy Fawkes.

Now there is good old Juju.

According to reports Malema gave Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille as much as he got.

That was after Zille had allegedly called him an inkwenkwe at a rally.

We all know that inkwenkwe is isiXhosa for someone who has not been circumcised. ANC treasurer general Mathews Phosa saw red at hearing this.

He climbed onto (excuse the pun) Zille saying she should first look at the man she sleeps with before she can talk about circumcision.

He claimed Zille's hubby is uncircumcised. Phew!

In yesterday's newspapers Malema came out with guns blazing.

"Unless you know something about that person, you can't talk about that person, because it means you know it (in reference to his uncircumcised private part).

"This is a very sensitive issue and she (Zille) will offend people who believe in that culture because women are not supposed to speak about it," Malema is quoted as saying.

Now that was below the belt really (again excuse the pun).

When Malema said that, some minds raced back to what Phosa had said in his (Malema's) defence.

Using the same reasoning as Malema, one shudders to think what Phosa's reaction would be to his allegations about Zille's husband.

I will leave the rest to your imagination.

The time wasted by political organisations on name-calling and mud-slinging is sure to end up with the electorate not sure whether any of them is capable of leading this country to a better future.

Would it not be wonderful to have boring elections with substance and policies to debate rather than the circus we are presently being subjected to?

For the opposition Malema is doing a good job by giving them the publicity they so much crave and wouldn't ordinarily get.

I am tickled pink every time someone demands that Malema apologise for this or that remark or comment.

The trick in Sepedi is to speak your mind and tell whoever you want to a piece of your mind.

When asked to apologise for your comments/remarks, you duly do.

Then you tell them that fela le nkwele (anyway, you have heard me).

Viva Warra!