Radio DJ must not sow seeds of violence

It is not only sad but infuriating when those who are given the responsibility of the media abuse this privilege.

In a recent Sowetan issue your writer rightfully complains about a certain Mpho on Yfm who incites violence.

I do not listen to this radio station, but if it is true, then the station has to deal with this matter.

We cannot afford to have a station encouraging violence and sowing seeds of hatred. We live in a society that is struggling with one of the highest and most violent crime rates in the world.

Your newspaper carries stories of violent crimes committed with sickening monotony. How can a radio DJ be allowed to entertain such a topic on air?

Should they not be discussing ways of avoiding violence or, better still, in our country where most youth are exposed to violence, alternative ways of life? We should all be outraged by this.

It is interesting that the writer of these titbits in your paper, in her admiration of the people who have repositioned Noeleen's show, then goes on to say: "I used to want to put a bullet in my head with her every show." The statement unfortunately goes to show that even those who condemn violence inadvertently embraces it.

Such doublespeak is sad. A society that is so full of guns used to maim and to kill can do without such statements.

Gadibolelwe Ndlovu,Pretoria