DJ The Big E capital on air

Andrew Hlongwane

Andrew Hlongwane

Listeners call him "The Big E" and of course he is, and my opinion is that he must be credited and crowned for the good job he does on air.

DJ Eric "The Big E" Mashale, 39, of Lulekani village in Phalaborwa, Limpopo, works as a high school teacher during the week and is on air at weekends.

If people think he is still waiting for his dreams to come true, then they know nothing.

The truth is that his dreams have come true.

Mashale presents the show Ta le Mbiteni every Saturday and Ahi Mudzumbiseni on Sundays at the local Phalaborwa community radio station.

The station can be tuned into on 105.1 FM.

His shows captivate most listeners because they are inspiring and help people with broken hearts.

Mashale joined the station about two years ago and shortly afterwards, he became a high school teacher.

He subsequently scooped the Best DJ award for a show called Service Delivery.

The Big E was notic ed by the station manager Ernest Ngobeni because he was not only a good listener of the station but used to phone in to dedicate messages to others in his spare time.

One day Mashale was invited to be a guest on a show. Ngobeni was apparently impressed with the way he handled himself on the show.

He then decided to try him out by allowing him to converse with other listeners on air. Mashale did it exceptionally well, prompting the station manager to appoint him.

Now the station's listenership has reportedly risen to about 11000 because of his shows.