Malema is 'not fit for public debate'

Ido Lekota

Ido Lekota

DA youth leader Khume Ramulifho says Julius Malema is afraid to debate with him in public because this would expose the ANC youth leader's stupidity.

"No amount of insulting rhetoric and pathetic name-calling should detract from the fact that Malema is afraid that his vast intellectual shortcomings will be exposed," Ramulifho said in a statement yesterday.

Ramulifho also described Malema as "a petty little man who is unable to engage in meaningful debate, and capable only of resorting to the basest form of gutter politics to make his point".

Malema has turned down Ramulifho's challenge to a public debate, saying he did not debate with "Zille's garden boys".

Ramulifho said: "Malema's remarks show unequivocally that he himself would do no better than a garden gnome were he to engage in a debate with the DA youth; this because he has no substantive views on how to tackle the critical issues of youth unemployment, crime and the state of the education system.''

He made the challenge after Malema, at a weekend rally in Durban's Cato Manor, apparently labelled DA leader Hellen Zille a "racist", "colonialist" and "imperialist", and said her deputy Joe Seremane's role was "to smile at the madam".

Malema on Sunday night spurned the offer, saying: "There is no DA youth. The last time we had a DA youth was when they defected to the ANC. There is no DA youth in South Africa.

"I only debate with serious political youth formations, not a group of the racist Helen Zille's garden boys."