Make a dignified exit

This is a special appeal to those people who have left or intend to leave the ANC: Do so with dignity and stop insulting this beloved movement.

When some people leave, others join, so good luck to those who leave - and may they find comfort wherever they go.

The ANC will remain strong because it is rooted in the masses. It has strong ancestors who will protect it from all sorts of evil.

Those who joined Cope should look very carefully at that leadership and tell me if a former director general was not suspended by the public works department. Let me remind you of Andile Nkuhlu, pictured, who then resigned.

Also, when Willie Madisha becomes finance minister will we be allowed to take our money to the bank - or carry it in black bags and store it in our car boots?

The ANC is not a one-man party. People have asked, what would happen if Patricia de Lille or Bantu Holomisa, for example, were to die? Are there any leaders who could stand in for them?

The ANC will remain and will not die as is predicted by the prophets of doom, the so-called independent analysts.

Isaac Maele, Pretoria