Desperate DA and its ilk failing in their duplicity

The desperation and cheap political grandstanding by the DA in Gauteng is nothing new.

The desperation and cheap political grandstanding by the DA in Gauteng is nothing new.

It has now dawned on them that the general elections are happening and are real, hence their moves to vilify and rubbish the name of Paul Mashatile - our current and future premier.

They believe these dirty tactics will sidetrack the ANC from confronting the challenges facing our people, including our fight against corruption and crime.

Mashatile acted swiftly after discovering the fraudulent activities of the former Geda chief executive officer, which led to him losing his job through resignation. This should demonstrate how determined the Gauteng government is to walk the talk and act decisively on wrongdoing by working with the people of Gauteng.

Lies and deceit peddled by Carl Niehaus and the DA cannot change the fact that in the ANC leadership we have men and women who are dedicated and committed to serve our people. For the Gauteng ANC to institute an inquiry against Niehaus for bringing it into disrepute should be welcomed by ANC members.

The ANC's code of conduct obliges members to abide by it and behave with honesty and integrity at all times. Let the ANC continue interacting with all sectors of society in popularising its tried and tested policies that seek to deliver on interventions to build our country and develop its people.

South Africans are waiting anxiously to inaugurate Jacob Zuma as president and Mashatile as premier and to work with the ANC to bring a better life for all. They are willing and prepared to make the mantra of "working together we can do more" a reality. They cannot stand the cheap publicity stunts of the DA and its ilk which seek to undermine their democratic gains since 1994. Zuma and Mashatile are our leaders and our hopes. Our aspirations are in their hands, to take the country and province forward. We are prepared to defend them against dubious characters that masquerade as protectors of our Constitution and democracy.

Pule Malefane, ANC/SACP Gauteng