r9 BN FOR HEAlthcare

Frank Maponya

Frank Maponya

The budget for healthcare in Limpopo has been increased from R7,6billion last year to R9billion this financial year.

This was announced by the province's MEC for the treasury Saad Cachalia yesterday when he presented Limpopo's budget. He said a further un-allocated R64million was set aside to increase the salary packages of doctors.

He said the 2009-2010 medium-term expenditure framework will be used to finance policy priorities such as pharmaceutical services, medical waste management, modernisation of tertiary services, tuberculosis, occupational-specific dispensation, emergency medical services, expanded public works programme, laundry services, HIV-Aids and the malaria reduction programme.

The budget for social development increased from R725million to R761million and the roads and transport department's budget went up from R2,4 billion to R2,9billion.

Education increased from R14,2 billion to R16 billion and local government and housing increased from R1,1billion to R1,4 billion.

Economic development, environment and tourism received R743million, agriculture R1,1billion, public works R723million, safety, security and liaison R47million, the premier's office R559million, sports, arts and culture R231million, treasury R329million and the legislature received R123million.