Desperation will not destroy ANC

I read with interest the letters of the desperate individuals who want to see the end of the peoples' movement, the ANC.

Their desperation will remain just that. No one can destroy the ANC, even if they form alternative parties. Even so-called political analysts who go around insulting our leaders will fail. The Boeremag, AWB, DP, NP - with the help of Inkatha and others - tried, but failed.

It was interesting to see how most whites reacted to Carl Niehaus's issue. Do they want revenge because he did not join them when they brutalised and undermined black people?

It's weird that whites write to "black newspapers" to push their disturbed points of view against the ANC.

Bekker and Lategan, (Sowetan, February 18) confirm my point. They hate the ANC and want to settle old scores. Lategan must stop undermining Madiba's intelligence. Calling him "poor Madiba" is an insult to a great man who can think for himself and who is loyal to his organisation.

The ANC, not individuals, will rule this country as long as there are parties like the DA and IFP, racists like Lategan and Bekker, and position and attention seekers such as Lekota and Shilowa.

We need a sensible opposition to offer solutions not the DA.

Gift Ziya, Edenvale