The good ANC is history

The ANC is now a fake. Gone are the days when we were all excited and looked forward to vote for our beloved party. No matter what people like Jabulani Mazibuko from Kriel say, the ANC is a flop.

It is like a pen that has lost its ink and needs a refill.

When people like Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo, Govan Mbeki, Joe Slovo and so on were around, our party was worth it, but now only greedy, selfish and useless people control the ANC.

It is not only the people in Cope who are angry with the ANC. Remember, it is the ANC that gave birth to Cope, so every wrong that Cope does is what they have learnt from the parent - the ANC. Let us see what Cope does for the people. Maybe the greedy ones won't survive there.

I am an ANC card-holder, but things that are happening in the organisation now are unbearable.Members are not confused. We know where the problem lies.

Pat Manana, Soweto