Take charge of your life and learn to live

Shopping certainly has a way of taking the life out of you.

Shopping certainly has a way of taking the life out of you.

Trekking from store to store, looking for the right fit at the right price can be a nightmare that leaves you with terrible back pain, sore feet and nerves pulled to their extremes.

Unless you want to go to a mall for relaxation.

The Wellness Warehouse at Cavendish Connect in Cape Town is hosting Dr Kevin Lentin for five seminars.

Lentin has experience as a chiropractor, clinical nutritionist and psychologist, which makes him the perfect person to give people advice on "managing life".

He explains how many people let life manage them instead of them managing life.

His seminars will cover the following five topics:

l Origins of stress; cave man to modern man;

l Physiology of stress. The noradrenaline syndrome and why stress leads to disease;

l Cellular programming - the power of the subconscious mind. Techniques to stimulate re-programming;

l The triad of health. Managing the structural, nutritional and psycho-emotional systems;

l First-line therapy - unique lifestyle management programme.

Catch the seminars in February, March and April.