Greed of leaders keeps Africa poor

A man who should be tried by an international court for crimes against humanity is instead planning to reward himself with property worth R58million in Hong Kong.

Robert Mugabe, who is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Zimbabweans from poverty, starvation, HIV-Aids and cholera, has apparently been padding his retirement package with properties worth many millions abroad.

South Africans should be aware - now more than ever - that being president for some people simply means helping themselves to as much money as possible from ruined economies.

Children in Africa starve - not because there is no food, but simply because of this incredible, sickening greed of leaders.

Many politicians on this continent have been happy to sell out their countries and their people for profit.

Raw materials are traded for weapons and then stability makes way for genocide.

Britain was tarred and feathered for being a "colonial" power from which African nations fought for "independence." And now China has simply stepped into Britain's shoes.

Obviously, it is just a case of who is benefiting from all the "gifts" - but it is certainly not the working people of Africa.

Ingela Richardson, Gonubie