'Ulundi is out of the question'

OFFICIAL SITE: Willies Mchunu. 11/02/09. © Unknown.
OFFICIAL SITE: Willies Mchunu. 11/02/09. © Unknown.

Canaan Mdletshe

Canaan Mdletshe

KwaZulu-Natal's legislative assembly will no longer go to Ulundi.

Address the media in Durban yesterday, provincial speaker Willies Mchunu said the assembly would be permanent in Pietermaritzburg and "never to return to Ulundi".

Announcing the official opening of the provincial legislature, which will take place in Pietermaritzburg on Monday, Mchunu said there was no way the legislative assembly would go back to Ulundi.

The legislature would be opened by His Majesty King Goodwill Zwelithini.

Top-level guests will include high commissioners, the consulate corps, ambassadors, religious leaders from various denominations, organised business organisations, mayors of KwaZulu-Natal municipalities, leaders of civil society as well as political leaders from the various parties.

As usual, current ANC president Jacob Zuma has been invited to the ceremony in the capital city of the province.

"The permanent city for the seating of legislature depends entirely on the will of the people of this province.

"When we were in Ulundi, it was because the will of the people dictated as such and when we moved to Pietermaritzburg, it was the same will being expressed.

"We don't know the minds of the new generation of voters but all indications are that there has not been any demographic changes and I doubt if there would be any after elections.

Mchunu also said that statements calling for the seating of the legislature back to be in Ulundi had now ceased.

He said it now appeared that all members of the house had accepted Pietermaritzburg as the ideal venue for the legislative assembly.