Miners go on strike, mine closes

Canaan Mdletshe

Canaan Mdletshe

Disgruntled miners at Okhukho coal mine outside Ulundi, northern Zululand, have embarked on a strike that shut down the mine yesterday.

About 150 workers from Colliers Transporters downed tools. The workers claim that the mine has threatened to terminate their contracts of employment. They also complain about deductions from their wages.

Colliers Transport is responsible for transporting coal from different shafts at the mine.

Manager of operations at the mine Roni Bouwer confirmed the strike.

"The transport contract employees have gone on a strike and it is badly hampering our operations," he said.

Benny Buizenhout, general manager of Colliers Transport, said as far as he knew the strike was about the allegation that the mine was going to terminate their contracts of employment.