Grootboom back with brave new play

Patience Bambalele

Patience Bambalele

After producing a smashing and controversial sexy play, Cards, playwright Paul Grootboom is back with a new one that is bound to get people talking.

Titled Foreplay, the play is about HIV-Aids and is scheduled to run at the State Theatre, Pretoria, for four weeks starting on March 17.

Grootboom, who is not afraid to tackle sensitive issues such as rape and prostitution, said Foreplay was an adaptation of an international play, Reigen.

He said the initial storyline was a series of 10 love scenes of inter-connected characters in different sexual situations.

"The scenes and structure of the play have been altered to fit specific South African scenarios. Although the circular structure of the original play has been maintained, the difference is that the whole adaptation revolves around the world of theatre," he said

Grootboom said in Foreplay sex has been used as a subject. "We use sex in a different way. We talk about it instead of doing it. The story looks at how we take serious issues like Aids for granted," he said.

He said previously many people have misunderstood his productions. They tended to focus on the sex at the expense of ignoring the message behind the story.