A book to help you speak like a pro

Who says you have to go to school to have the courage to stand before a group of people and sell yourself or a product to them, or just do a good job enthralling others about some other innocuous stuff?

Paul du Toit, an acclaimed business speaker, coach and authoritative education and training voice and influence on business presentations, believes that even you can present with confidence.

A thorough reading of Even You Can Present With Confidence reveals a simple truth - that anyone who opts for training to become a public speaker is merely validating what they are already: talented, brave and confident to take on the world.

Du Toit seems to have written the book to ensure that those who are talented but lack the courage and confidence find a most suitable resource or reference.

Or, simply put, Du Toit's book seeks to help you to speak like a pro, dazzle your audience and get the results you want every time.

This book's uniqueness is in its simplicity, case studies presented in the first person by several notable personalities in the speaking, motivation, strategic canvas, as well as a recap of the key lessons of each of the chapters.

After a short while into this book, you will realise that this is a life companion that will enhance your popularity, effectiveness and leadership potential.