Speeding car kills woman (23)

Vusi Ndlovu

Vusi Ndlovu

Lulama Farm of Rensburg in Heidelberg, east of Johannesburg, was killed instantly after a motorist crashed into her on Saturday at about 5.15pm.

Farm, 23, was out walking with a friend along the R23 in Heidelberg when the driver of a Mercedes Benz hit her from behind.

The lower part of her leg was cut off. Her family and police had to wait until yesterday to continue the search for the missing part of her leg.

Yesterday the family said they were relieved that the missing leg had been found.

Lulama's father, David Farm, said. "We are relieved. We can now bury the whole body together."

Thenjiwe Zulu who was with Lulama said: "We were walking holding hands. Suddenly I heard a big bang and I saw Lulama bouncing off the roof of a car before she was thrown into the veld.

"The driver sped off. Another motorist chased him and brought him back to the scene."

Constable Makgauta Serathi said the motorist has been charged with culpable homicide and would appear in court soon .