Sopa vows free services

Kingdom Mabuza

Kingdom Mabuza

Lybon Mabasa, the president of Socialist Party of Azania (Sopa) says his party will extend the provision of free basic services to hospitals, schools and clinics.

Mabasa, who launched his party's election manifesto yesterday, said the black working class was shouldering the global financial crisis.

"This new crisis has compounded the scourge of poverty, homelessness, landlessness, unemployment and illiteracy," he said.

He said the time for workers to have a political voice which would be accountable to their democratic decision had come.

"Sopa seeks to earn the right to be the voice that is committed to extending the rights of workers.

"The role of workers must be brought to the centre of the stage of any discussion or political programme."

The party's manifesto promises to tackle the causes of crime, poverty and unemployment.

Sopa said that corruption is a product of the capitalist system which must be fought.

The party says that life-long learning will be institutionalised in the workplaces, and free education would be provided to people who cannot afford to pay.