Competition Tribunal boss takes over international body

Adele Shevel

Adele Shevel

Dave Lewis, the chairman of the Competition Tribunal, has been appointed interim chair of the steering group of the International Competition Network.

About 103 agencies from 92 jurisdictions belong to the network whose aim is to address practical antitrust enforcement and policy issues. Some countries have more than one agency. South Africa, for instance, has the Competition Commission and the Competition Tribunal.

Lewis was involved in the formation of the network which has its roots in the idea that anti-trust law is practised through national authorities. The organisation does not have fancy offices. It is based on information and communications technology connecting via technology which runs on a "shoe-string budget".

The organisation does not conclude binding treaties such as the World Trade Organisation, but it allows for a greater degree of flexibility, more openness and less concentration.

The network has been a source of technical assistance and mentoring.

The nature of the organisation means Lewis will not be moving to another location or office nor will it impact on his current role based in Pretoria.

But it will mean extra workload.

Lewis takes over as chair until the next annual conference in June this year, taking over the role from the former Commissioner of Competition for Canada.