Vundla shuns Saftas, again

Patience Bambalele

Patience Bambalele

Two days before the South African Film and Television Awards at the State Theatre in Pretoria this Saturday, Mfundi Vundla, the executive producer of Generations, has again distanced himself from the awards.

However, Generations itself is still part of the awards, having been submitted by the SABC, which owns the intellectual property rights of the series.

Vundla, pictured, said yesterday: "Since SABC owns the intellectual property they have submitted the series. The producers of the series have distanced themselves from the awards ceremony for reasons we've outlined previously."

Three months ago, Vundla dropped a bombshell, rejecting the nomination of Generations' stars for the Saftas. Vundla also criticised the judging process for "not being transparent".

Yesterday he said he had not changed his mind.

In a statement three months ago he said: "The decision was made as a result of attempts by the SABC to enter Generations in several categories without our consent. The awards have not engendered respect from the programme production industry."

He said the 2007 entries were pushed through by the SABC and accepted by Saftas after the adjudication process had already been completed.

"As a result of this contempt of our integrity, we made it clear to the SABC that we would not be coerced into entering again and that the Saftas committee must first get their house in order."

Saftas committee chairman Eddie Mbalo told Sowetan this "selfish act" would deny actors and TV crew a chance to be acknowledged by their peers.