'All parties must kick out violent supporters'

Mary Papayya

Mary Papayya

Political leaders and the police force must be held accountable for the escalating levels of political violence sweeping across Kwazulu-Natal, says political analyst Protas Madlala.

Madlala lashed out at the lack of proper leadership from politicians, who he said fail to act decisively against perpetrators of violence.

He said if political leaders and police "do not act decisively" the province would be plunged into further violence reminiscent of the 1980s when thousands of lives were lost.

"I have still to see a political party expel a member for intolerant behaviour," Madlala said.

"This province has a past that is rooted in violence and the condemnation by party leaders is mere window dressing.

"We need decisive action, where violent supporters are called to order by being expelled from their political parties."

He also lashed out at police, saying no arrests were being made even "when the perpetrators of violence were known".