'No party owns any piece of this land'

Sowetan reporter

Sowetan reporter

The election battle for KwaZulu-Natal appears to be far from over.

ANC general secretary Gwede Mantashe said yesterday his organisation would hold a follow-up rally in Nongoma just before the upcoming elections - saying this would be done to show the IFP that "no party owns any piece of South Africa, including the ANC".

Mantashe said the ANC's rally was "better attended" than the IFP one, which therefore shifted perceptions that the rural regions of the province were voting strongholds of the IFP.

Mantashe also took issue with the statement by Defence Minister Charles Nqakula that he was ready to "deploy the army" in KwaZulu-Natal if the violence did not subside.

Mantashe said he expected the elections to be peaceful.

"The problem in South Africa is that we tend to exaggerate problems and underestimate solutions. We are going to have a peaceful election.

"You do not see people dying in trains or the violence that we saw before the 1994 elections."

Mantashe then repeated his stance that the ANC expected to win a "three-thirds" majority in all provinces, including the Western Cape, and that it would be disappointed by anything short of that.