Drug suspects dodge media

Luzuko Pongoma

Luzuko Pongoma

A South African Airways employee and a security guard accused of drug smuggling evaded reporters who lay in wait for them outside the Kempton Park magistrate's court.

The four-hour drama of hide-and-seek on Friday started after security guard Pulane Hlahane, 43, and SAA employee Mmatshuma Matlhara, 35, were granted bail of R5000 each.

The getaway plan was being commandeered by a man believed to be Matlhara's husband. He sat across the court building in a luxury sedan making calls on his cellphone.

A security officer told Sowetan that a group of women exchanged clothes with the accused before walking out with one of them.

Another accused was picked up by the luxury sedan at the police station entrance close to the court.

Hlahane is accused of providing Matlhara with extra security clearance tags, so she could travel with extra luggage, allegedly containing drugs.

It is alleged that Matlhara tried to bribe Hlahane with R300000 not to testify against her.

They were arrested last week and charged with fraud and corruption.

The case was postponed to April 9 for further investigation.