'Pay me or I will kick these people off my 3 farms'

Frank Maponya

Frank Maponya

A Limpopo farmer has vowed to evict families and their livestock on his land if he was not "compensated for their stay on his farms".

Willie Botha owns Terveen, Chrieff and Louisiana farms situated near De Vrede village in Senwabarwana, Limpopo.

Botha inherited the farms in the 1980s from his late father. He received title deeds for them in 2006. He said he had allowed some families to reside there while others took advantage by grazing their livestock.

At the centre of the row are allegations that the government had allegedly reneged on its promise to buy those farms for the community. The community does not want to vacate the farms, claiming they have nowhere to go.

Local traditional leader, Kgoshi Olivier Kibi, was approached by the community to negotiate with the government who allegedly promised to buy the farms but had decided otherwise because of the price tag Botha has now put on them.

Botha, 60, said yesterday he had decided to kick the community off his farms because the government was not saying anything.