ANC list is 'not official'

Anna Majavu

Anna Majavu

The ANC candidates list for Parliament, leaked to the media on Wednesday, shows that the "ANC's fundamental priority is to retain power", political analysts say.

The list puts Finance Minister Trevor Manuel at number four, SACP general-secretary Blade Nzimande at number nine and former youth leaguer Fikile Mbalula at number 10.

Steven Friedman of the Centre for the Study of Democracy said yesterday: "It reaches out to supporters of former president Thabo Mbeki in a bid to contain the Cope breakaway as much as possible."

Independent analyst Dale McKinley called the list "a mishmash" of different interests and reflected "that what is important to the ANC is the soothing of egos".

McKinley added: "With Manuel at number four, all we can look forward to is a bit more redistribution on social welfare, but no major economic policy changes.

"The list only deals with internal political dynamics, not with choosing those most competent to deliver to workers and the poor."

Human Sciences Research Council political analyst Mcebisi Ndletyana said: "Manuel's high number of votes means that the broad ANC membership thinks he has been doing a good job. There is a difference of opinion between the membership and leadership of the left, who have criticised Manuel's economic policies."

Friedman said: "The fights within the ANC have been about leadership and democracy - whether it is an organisation that allows its 600000 members to have a say or whether it allows a small group at the top to control everything.

"Mbeki and his group were hostile to the ANC left, but the fact that you now have an ANC leadership that is prepared to listen to the left does not mean a drastic change in ideology or policy change."

ANC spokesman Carl Niehaus said the leaked list is "unofficial".