Online help for teachers, pupils

Tebogo Monama

Tebogo Monama

A new online education resource centre has been launched to assist teachers and pupils with their studies.

The, launched by Ngoako Wa Batho Foundation, is believed to be the world's largest education resource that offers 24-hour information and personalised e-counselling and online tutoring.

The website contains over 500000 online e-books, 23000 audio books and hundreds of e-courses that are usable without restriction from any Internet connection.

Other programmes include 1000 parenting and fathering e-courses, 6000 teachers' e-books and 12000 children's e-books and e-courses.

Founder Ngoako Mahura says the centre is aimed at benefitting schools that do not have libraries. Subscribers buy an e-card, which contains a username and password, and will have access to the website within 24 hours.