Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Most of the fashion outfits at the Joburg autumn-winter Fashion Week 2009 were wearable, adaptable and timeless. Though the show was kind of flat, the designers kept the colours in the realm of practicality, with blacks, greys and golds.

The evening wear provided some punch - with scarlet and gold, but overall also stuck to the basics.

The make-up trends followed a similar trend.

The natural made-up look was the "in" thing. Minimal make-up was the order of the day. Heavy make-up is definitely out and light and simple is very much in.

Last season's glamour and focus on sultry, smoky eyes, romantic pastels and flawless foundation was nowhere to be seen. This time around, eyes had very little or no colour. And eyebrows too were full and natural. If the show is anything to go by, straight, thick eyebrows are in and thin, unnatural tweezed eyebrows are so out.

Make-up screamed innocence. Skin looked healthy and youthful and lips were either nude or very slightly glossed. Skin was left as bare and natural as possible with a touch of super-light foundation and spot concealer being the preferred products, if any was used. As for blush, it was nowhere to be seen. In many cases, foundation was transparent and the skin looked hydrated and as if it was glowing from within.

Lips rarely bore any visible colour either. Some of the shows sent their models out with nude or completely bare mouths. Most of the models applied their gloss ever so lightly or just blemished very, very slightly to create that innocent pout.

All in all, it was all very natural and absolutely refreshing. It was a complete change from orange or red cheeks and mouths and blue, purple and green eyelids. Earth colours were a lovely sight.