Getrude Makhafola

Getrude Makhafola

Gauteng motorists will have to wait a while longer for the new intelligent number plate system.

The provincial department of transport said last year that vehicles on its roads would bear the new plates from this month.

The roll-out was originally announced two years ago by the department and was meant to regulate the vehicle number plate industry.

At the time the department said the new plates would create accountability and stop the cloning of cars by criminals and the backyard manufacturing of number plates.

All manufacturers and embossers would have to be registered and gain accreditation before doing business.

Transport department spokesman Alfred Nhlapo said yesterday that the department was still working with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research a final solution on the security of the plates.

"The department is busy with the registration of all manufacturers and distributors to ensure central monitoring of their activities," Nhlapo said.

"This is being done in conjunction with industry players and associations."

He also said that a public participation process was still to be rolled out on the implementation of the new plates.

The plates would have an advanced identification mark that can be verified on the road without going online.

Small and medium enterprises will also be roped in as part of the black economic empowerment principle.

Meanwhile, Limpopo motorists have been given five years to upgrade their number plates.