Knock at the right doors

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Replacing doors is an affordable way to quickly enhance and upgrade the appearance and decor of a home.

Tinyiko Baloyi, an estate agent in Soweto, says new doors can increase the home's value, improve energy efficiency and optimise security features.

"A house is as good as its front door. The front door is what people notice before getting inside the house.

"The colour of the door is very important because it is one of the things noticed by people walking by the house on the pavement.

"The combination of different front door colours produces a final effect that in many ways is the first thing to get judged about a house. While a good colour for the front door on your house will not ensure that it looks good, choosing a bad colour will ensure that your house is sunk in visual gloominess before it even gets off the ground."

Ayanda Pongoma, an interior decorator, says the front door integrates with the interior and exterior surroundings and creates the first impression of the space you're entering.

"It is important to pick the right size, followed by style and material for your unique home decor. Some factors to consider when buying a door are climate, construction, maintenance and style. Go to other people's houses and check out what they have used. You should also get professional advice from a specialist to learn which one is suitable for the place you need it to be."

How can one choose a door that is suitable for his or her needs?

Pongoma says there is no right and wrong in choosing a door.

"Before choosing a door, internal or external, you should check if it fits in with the style of the environment. Is your house a modern, matchbox, traditional, village or town house?

For example, clean, simple lines fit a more modern style, but an older, more traditional house needs a classic door with a little more ornamentation."

Pongoma adds that taking your lifestyle into account may also influence the type of doors that you choose.

"For example, if you have a very noisy family and would like to keep some of that noise confined to certain rooms, then it is best to use solid-core doors as opposed to hollow-core. The hollow-core will help transmit the sound whereas the solid-core will reduce it."

She says another thing that people overlook is the budget.

"Different materials and styles of doors will be priced differently and you should see what you will be able to afford.

Different types and materials of exterior and interior doors have different advantages and disadvantages and are best used in different areas."

When buying a door go prepared with the answers to the following questions:

l Will the door be subject to occasional use or be used often?

l What style and type of hardware are you interested in?

l Which material do you want in a front door?

l Interested in a plain door or an elegantly carved wood one?