Programme to help adults study further

The Access for Success programme came to life as a new venture in Wits Plus, the Centre for Part-time Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand, in 2006.

With the support of the City of Johannesburg the programme has enabled 65 young Johannesburg adults to either both gain access to BA and BCom degree studies at Wits University or move with confidence into entry level employment.

This special group of young people have gained essential skills in subjects such as mathematics, conceptual thinking, accounting, economics, English language and computing. Over a year of study the programme offers the opportunity to earn a number of useful short course certificates, adding to the student's employability and enhancing each participant's self-confidence.

Wits have found that many applicants need to build further on their matric or Grade 12 or National Senior Certificate studies in mathematics.

An essential foundation stone for progression to higher education in the sciences, economics and commerce is a broad knowledge of all branches of mathematics.

While mathematics literacy offers a life skill and is valuable in its own right, the subject does not equip students with the advanced level of mathematics or the coverage and depth required to enter first-year university courses.

l Call 011- 717- 9507/00 (afternoons only) to speak to programme coordinator Saintha Maistry.