GOOD TASTE: A house, similar to the one
GOOD TASTE: A house, similar to the one "bought" by Budeli, at Featherbrooke Estate. Circa 20/01/2009. © Sowetan. Pic. Veli Nhlapo.

Sibongile Mashaba

Sibongile Mashaba

Serial fraudster Samson Khaukhani Budeli has been described as a smooth operator who would worm his way into any pocket no matter how deep.

This surfaced as more of his victims came forward following Sowetan's exposé of the swindler yesterday.

Gauteng police said a woman yesterday laid a charge of fraud against Budeli at Hillbrow police station.

Spokesman Inspector Sanku Tsunke said: "There are already four cases of fraud that are being investigated against the man. We are expecting more people to come forward."

Now the woman, a consultant at a tertiary institution, owes several banks more than R35000 which she borrowed and handed to Budeli.

Yesterday she said: "He came to our academy and said he wanted to register for a marketing course. He then told me about himself and his profession.

"He also told me that he had sealed a R10 million tender deal with the department of education."

The woman said about two weeks later Budeli told her that the department needed 10 percent of the tender.

"I had to ask for loans at banks and raised R35000 which I deposited into his bank account.

"I have not heard from him since mid-November after I deposited the money."

Klaas Mulaudzi of Kibler Park, Johannesburg, was lucky to evade Budeli's net of trickery.

"He will sweet-talk you," Mulaudzi said.

He said that Budeli told him he had been awarded a R300 million tender to build a stadium in Botswana.

Mulaudzi said he met Budeli in December last year and that "no one can easily suspect that he is a fraudster".

"I was selling my car and he called me. When we met he asked me why I was selling the car and I told him I had financial problems.

"He said he would buy the car with pleasure," said Mulaudzi.

"He showed me an SMS which said he had bought a truck for R997000. The balance in his bank account was R47 million.

"He also took me to Croco Lodge, which he claimed he had just acquired. He showed me pictures of mansions and luxury cars he claimed were his."

The conman, who has a paltry R1,74 in his Absa Bank account, has signed a deal with a real estate company to buy a mansion worth R10 million.

He has in just four months:

l Signed a deal to purchase a R10 million house;

l Defrauded two holiday lodges;

l Stolen a car in Pretoria;

l Has warrants of arrest in three major towns in Gauteng and Limpopo for fraud, possession of stolen property, and theft; and

l Has also paraded himself as a respected medical doctor in the employ of Limpopo province.

While in the process of acquiring the luxury home at Featherbrooke Estate on the West Rand, the 35-year-old bogus doctor used two highly-graded holiday lodges on the West Rand as home but did not pay for them.

Anyone who has fallen victim to Budeli's antics should contact the investigating officer Detective Shimi Senosi on 073-731-6089.