Zuma will set a bad example

Irrespective of whether Jacob Zuma is found guilty or not the ANC still has a chance to restore its credibility.

I would like to say that the ANC is not an organisation for corrupt individuals but for dedicated, loyal and responsible members committed to taking its mandate democratically to all.

It has been a genuine organisation for 97 years, despite its current challenges. Not a single political organisation, including opposition parties, can ever match that record.

The ANC has 600000 registered members and undisclosed numbers of unregistered supporters who are very loyal to the party.

I am confident that the ANC will win the next elections, which will afford it the opportunity to continue accelerating service delivery to all.

As an ANC member, my only concern is that the same person who is always accused of corruption might become the president of the country and this will tarnish our reputation not only as individuals, but as a democratic society.

We will set a bad example for other African countries and the world.

I have nothing against Jacob Zuma but we cannot have a president who is expected to outline policies and strategies for the country and also has to appear in court.

Siphiwe Mabasa, Pretoria