Twisp a real new-age fag


Health freaks have stepped down from their green and leafy pedestals to meet smokers halfway and offer them a new-age alternative.

Twisp is an electronic cigarette that offers you the flavour of mint, coffee and chocolate, to name but a few, instead of the harsh tar and tobacco found in those old-fashioned cigarettes.

How it works is that the liquid in the cartridge, which contains propylene glycol (a common additive) flavour and nicotine (which does not cause cancer but is hectically addictive), is atomised then vaporised into the smoke which tastes very similar to a hubbly bubbly or shisha pipe.

Should you try to inhale more than fifteen times in one minute the device switches off.

Twisp is not endorsed by the World Health Organisation as a 'smoking cessation device' but will put extra rands in your pocket, because if you smoke 20 a day you spend about R8000 a year.

Orders can be placed on the Twisp website.