Not the right Tonic

Cecil Motsepe

Cecil Motsepe

Soccer star Tonic Chabalala is a cheat who bedded another woman behind his devoted wife's back.

Phemelo Moroka of Protea Glen in Soweto says the Thanda Royal Zulu defender lied his way into her pants and then started ducking after making her pregnant.

"He played me like a football," says the 24-year-old belle adding that Chabalala hadn't told her he was married.

"He told me he only had a girlfriend and a baby. I only learnt in December that he was married. Had I known I would not have fallen for him," she says.

She says they met in 2007 and hit it off.

"At first he would see me every day, except when he was in camp. Things changed when I fell pregnant in December 2007. He was not there for me through the pregnancy."

Moroka says in June last year Chabalala's relatives came to negotiate "damages". They were fined R6000 but only paid R2000.

"They promised to return the following week and that was it."

Confronted, Chabalala, who has been paying R1000 maintenance, said: "I am in the dressing room, sharp."

He then hung up.

Moroka says her beau doesn't pay voluntarily and she has to fight for the money every month.