Mugabe has messed up

It is heartbreaking to see poor Zimbabweans and South Africans in my province, Limpopo, dying like flies from an easily treatable disease such as cholera.

This deadly disease is killing people while Robert Mugabe is on holiday spending their money.

Cholera is a poor people's disease that occurs where there is underdevelopment and poverty and I foresee problems in Musina, with thousands of Zimbabweans flocking there.

There are many factors that make cholera spread in Zimbabwe - broken down sewage systems, government failure to buy water treatment chemicals and a lack of nurses, since they have left the country in droves. The World Health Organisation is trying its level best to minimise the situation but its efforts will be useless if the mentioned problems are not attended to.

South Africa should ensure that the people of Zimbabwe receive assistance as well as minimise illegals flocking to our country.

If we don't provide aid more and more will flock to neighbouring countries and spread the disease .

Thabo Mbeki did little to rescue the situation and President Kgalema Mothlante is not doing much either.

Mugabe liberated his people from colonial rule but now he has messed up everything.

Magadani Tshifhiwa, Tshirolwe