Motoring Reporter

Motoring Reporter

The Chrysler 200C EV concept car currently on display at the North American International Motor Show is believed to be one of the show's darlings.

According to Chrysler the 200C EV combines the benefits of progressive, ENVI range-extended electric vehicle technology, which offers nearly zero emissions during daily commutes.

Based on a shortened version of Chrysler's rear-wheel-drive platform, the Chrysler 200C EV is said to be a performance sedan in a package that looks spirited and agile. It delivers a blend of style and amenities that both automotive and technology enthusiasts want.

The 200C EV evokes timeless beauty, coupling organic form and language of Chrysler's design roots with the noble proportions of the Chrysler 300 to create a modern product that appeals to both luxury and sports car enthusiasts.

The headlamps and taillamps are treated as dramatic sculptural elements on the vehicle and reinforce the organic form and function carried throughout the design theme. Their placement on the far corners of the vehicle help to visually reduce the front and rear overhangs and contribute to the vehicle's efficient appearance. The lower frontal fog lights and rear backup lights are seamlessly integrated into the surrounding fascia, and are minimised in scale through the use of LED technology. Modern graphic cues, such as the use of a dissipating dot matrix, are utilised throughout the concept vehicle as both functional and visual elements. The 200C EV uses a small petrol engine and integrated electric generator that produces electricity to extend the driving range to 650km.