We should help to make our country great

I feel that our country is at a crossroads.

I feel that our country is at a crossroads.

I am challenging young South Africans to take their destiny into their own hands and become a voice for change and action, wisdom and reason.

We have to inspire our nation to greatness. Apportioning blame will not help change our reality. What will bring about change is believing in the greatness of our country and doing what is necessary to protect that.

Each one of us can make a difference but we have to be engaged. We cannot afford to be passive observers.

I personally want to participate in this and I suspect most South Africans want that too. But we are all overwhelmed by the weight and pain of our challenges.

We are increasingly becoming a nation that does not know how to care. But deep down we know there is no country like South Africa.

Those who leave do so reluctantly and those who stay do so because their love for South Africa exceeds their fear for their safety. Our future beckons while we are imprisoned by fear, uncertainty, cynicism and hopelessness.

In my view this is not the country I voted for in 1994. I voted for a safe, exciting, equitable and peaceful country, alive with the possibility of greatness.

We are at a crossroads again and we have an opportunity to change that. This year, let's make a difference!

Tshepo Diale, GaRankuwa