Obstacles ahead for school leavers

Tebogo Monama

Tebogo Monama

Matriculants' struggles do not end when they pass their exams. They end only when they are admitted to universities.

Candidates have to meet the stringent requirements of institutions of higher learning.

One of the requirements is the point system used for entry for the different faculties.

Wits University student enrolment centre head Carol Crosley says: "We have been using the point system for the last 10 years and it suits us since it is transparent."

She says grade 11 pupils could also use their results to know what to aspire to.

Crosley says they get at least 28000 applications yearly and the point system makes decision-making efficient.

She says each faculty has its own minimum entry requirements. Engineering and health sciences have the most stringent admission requirements and highest number of points.

If candidates intend to study engineering they need 37 points and another four points for maths. At least 26 points are needed for a Bachelor of Arts.

University of Pretoria director of academic administration Dawie Marais says many applicants have been turned away.

"Unfortunately we have minimum degree requirements and most students come with diploma requirements," he explained.